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Terms and Conditions

Intellectual Propertly

  1. Certain terms and restrictions govern the use of CouponSeller's services, which are outlined below. Customers agree to and consent to the terms and conditions stated by using these services.
  2. If any term or condition is unacceptable to the user, or if the user refuses to accept it, the user's usage of the services shall be terminated immediately.
  3. CouponSeller makes no guarantees on any coupons, promotions, discount codes, special deals, or items given by sellers. We have no control over these merchants, and we do not recommend them. We are not in charge of their business or website in any way.
  4. Retailers have complete discretion to discontinue any or all promotions at any time. Only posting links to retailers is included in our services.
  5. The main goal is to assist consumers in saving money on their purchases.
  6. Consumers may be taxed depending on the city/state/tax country's legislation. Any misplaced mail or checks are not our responsibility.


  1. We are not liable for any changes in the deals offered by the sellers.
  2. Every user's privacy is protected by Coupon Seller.
  3. Our services come with no guarantees as to their availability, terms, quality, pricing, or warranty.
  4. Before making any purchases, users should read the retailer's privacy rules as well as their refund and return policies.

Changes to this agreement

We reserve the right to change or alter these Terms and Conditions at any time by publishing the revised terms on the Site. If you continue to use the Site after any such changes, you are agreeing to the new Terms and Conditions.

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