In What Circumstances Might a Company Offer a Discount?


In What Circumstances Might a Company Offer a Discount?

When should you respond to a customer’s request to lower your pricing by offering an online discount offer or even being prepared to negotiate?

Be aware that you can encounter scenarios like those below as a buyer and request a discount.

Order volume

When more than a certain amount of things are purchased, provide discount deals online for a greater number of breaks.

For instance, a discount of 10% for 50 or more goods, and a discount of 5% for 20 to 49 items.

In particular, if their natural order amount is not far from the breakpoint, this encourages clients to purchase more things than they may need. The quantity at which discounts are offered may be determined using this information. For instance, if customers normally purchase one item, discounts may be given in the two to five range.

Total amount ordered

When the total cost of the order paid for surpasses a specific amount, offer cheap deals online. Again, for a set of rising price points, increasing discounts might be offered.

5% off orders over $100 and 10% off orders over $200, for instance.

Strategic client

When a consumer is valuable to you, you may offer them online discount offers in an effort to win or keep their business.

When you anticipate an even larger purchase in the future or when the client is well-known and their purchase gives you a valuable marketing edge when selling to other consumers, there may even be a rationale to sell to them at a loss.

Get now

By making a limited-time online discount offer, you might be able to persuade a customer to make a purchase right away.

If they sign the contract right away, for instance, you might offer them an additional 2 per cent.

This can be helpful for sales that are impulsive and involve buyers who are not genuinely in need of the product. Additionally, it can be helpful if you have a short-term sales goal that must be met.

Quicker order

As an incentive to place the order sooner rather than later, you can provide a discount.

For instance, if the order is placed “this month,” a salesman may offer cheap deals online.

As a result, you may be able to receive orders that may help you hit sales goals or bonus thresholds. Of course, it is also helpful to capture orders that might take longer to complete and possibly never be placed.


There may occasionally be some form of brief promotion available with an upfront discount.

For example, you might provide a discount deal online to attract clients away from a competing offer when a competitor’s product is being released or they are running another type of promotion.


Online discounts can have a poor reputation since they are associated with unwanted excess inventory or teach customers to wait for a deal. Offering a discount, however, can increase client lifetime value, encourage long-term customer loyalty, and promote customer acquisition when done with thought and strategy.